Conservation Voters of South Carolina fights for our air, water, land, and energy through political action. We are bipartisan, pragmatic and effective. CVSC is protecting the South Carolina you love.

Meet a Conservation Voter


Rebecca Haynes

"I've been a tree-hugger since the beginning, and I'm not afraid to claim it. Growing up with a zookeeper mom, I received a national environmental award from Firestone Tires when I was eight."
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From Ann's Desk

Barnwell: The Atlantic Compact is Working
With renewed efforts to reopen the Barnwell nuclear waste site, we are getting some questions about the site and how we got to where are now. I'll try to boil it down to a few key points. The Barnwell Site is a landfill for radioactive waste. The State of South Carolina owns the site, and... March 1, 2015 |  Read More >
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Legislative Scorecard

Legislative ScorecardThe Conservation Scorecard is your window into our State House and the actions taken – or not taken – to protect the South Carolina you love. We are keeping score for the environment.
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Meet Your CVSC Team


Ann Timberlake

"I am a Conservation Voter, you might even say the original Conservation Voter. Almost thirty years later, in 2003, I welcomed the chance to lead the newly formed Conservation Voters because electing conservation leaders is the best way to protect the South Carolina I love."
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