In making endorsements, CVSC’s Board of Directors considers a candidate’s record, experience, leadership, viability and interest in conservation. We do not expect candidates to be experts on our current issues, so we do not ask for commitments on specific positions. We look forward to a conversation with candidates about their legislative priorities.

2014 Endorsements

2014 - Governor
Endorsed Candidate Link Endorsements
Vincent Sheheen – D Website (Endorsed by The State)
2014 - Commissioner of Agriculture
Endorsed Candidate Link
Hugh Weathers – R Website
2014 - House of Representatives
District Endorsed Candidate Link Endorsements
District 59 Terry Alexander (D) Facebook
District 24 Bruce Bannister (R)  Website
District 78 Beth Bernstein (D)  Website
District 116 Robert Brown (D)  Website (Endorsed by the Post and Courier)
District 17 Mike Burns (R)  Facebook
District 3 Gary Clary (R)  Website
District 5 Neal Collins (R)  Website
District 41 Rep. MaryGail Douglas (D)
District 104 Greg Duckworth (R)  Website
District 21 Rep. Phyllis Henderson (R)  Website
District 4 Rep. Davey Hiott (R)  Website
District 11 Tombo Hite (D)  Website
District 94 Rep. Jenny Horne (R)  Website
District 61 Roger Kirby (D)  Facebook
District 75 Joe McCulloch (D)  Website (Endorsed by The State)
District 79 Rep. Mia McLeod (D)  Website
District 40 Rep. Walton McLeod (D)
District 108 Vida Miller (D)  Website (Endorsed by the Post and Courier)
District 25 Rep. Leola Robinson-Simpson (D)  Website
District 96 Rep. Kit Spires (R)
District 119 Rep. Leon Stavrinakis (D)  Website (Endorsed by the Post and Courier)
District 33 Rep. Eddie Tallon (R)  Website


2013 - Senate
District Endorsed Candidate Link Result
District 42 Special Election Marlon Kimpson (D/Charleston) Website Win
2012 - Senate
District Endorsed Candidate Link Result
District 2 Larry Martin (R/Pickens) Win
District 4 Sen. Billy O’Dell (R/Anderson) Win
District 6 Tommie Reece (Petition/Greenville) Loss
District 7 Karl Allen (D/Greenville) Website Win
District 10 Sen. Floyd Nicholson (D/Greenwood) Win
District 11 Sen. Glenn Reese (D/Spartanburg) Website Win
District 15 Sen. Wes Hayes (R/York) Website Win
District 17 Sen Creighton Coleman(D/Fairfield) Website Win
District 18 Sen. Ronnie Cromer (R/Newberry) Win
District 20 Sen. John Courson (R/Richland) Win
District 26 Sen. Nikki Setzler (D/Lexington) Win
District 28 Greg Hembree (R/Horry) Win
District 32 Sen. Yancey McGill (D/Clarendon) Win
District 35 Thomas McElveen (D/Sumter) Website Win
District 36 Rep. Kevin Johnson (D/Clarendon) Facebook Win
District 41 Paul Tinkler (D/Charleston) Loss
2012 - House
District Endorsed Candidate Link Result
District 4 Rep. Davey Hiott (R/Pickens) Win
District 8 Ted Luckadoo (P/Anderson) Loss
District 14 Rep. Mike Pitts (R/Laurens) Win
District 23 Rep. Chandra Dillard (D/Greenville) Website Win
District 34 Rep. Mike Forrester (R/Spartanburg) Win
District 36 Rep. Rita Allison (R/Spartanburg) Win
District 39 Rep. Ralph Kennedy (R/Lexington) Facebook Win
District 44 Mandy Powers Norrell (D/Lancaster) Website Win
District 52 Rep. Laurie Funderburk (D/Kershaw) Website Win
District 62 Rep. Robert Williams (D/Darlington) Win
District 78 Rep. Joan Brady (R/Richland) Loss
District 90 Rep. Bakari Sellers (D/Bamberg) Facebook Win
District 103 Rep. Carl Anderson (D/Georgetown) Win
District 110 Rep. Chip Limehouse (R/Charleston) Win
District 120 Weston Newton (R/Beaufort) Win