I’m the Executive Director of Conservation Voters. I oversee the day-to-day operation of our family of organizations in our education, advocacy, and election work to protect the air, land, and water that you and I love in South Carolina. When folks ask where I’m from, I generally reply that I’m just a “southern mutt” — born in Alabama, but lived in and around Birmingham, Knoxville, Orangeburg, and Chattanooga all before high school. Though I don’t have […]

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CVSC Urges Voters to Beware of Attack Ads with False Information COLUMBIA, SC – Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) urges voters to beware of last minute attack ads that distort the truth and distract the conversation from what matters most to South Carolinians: moving our state forward. In the last several weeks, Lee Bright has resorted to calling CVSC staff “left-wing foot soldiers” and “radical environmentalists.”  He has also doctored official communications of CVSC, used […]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 22, 2016 Conservation Voters Challenges Lee Bright to Set the Record Straight COLUMBIA, S.C.  Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) challenges Lee Bright to set the record straight and stop misleading voters. CVSC is a state-wide, non-profit organization, separate from the national League of Conservation Voters. CVSC has a local board of South Carolinians who approve endorsements in state and local elections for candidates committed to protecting our communities, rivers, farms […]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, August 7, 2015                                CONTACT:  Ann Timberlake 803-799-0716 or 803-446-6400 ann@cvsc.org                                                       REPRESENTATIVE KEN HODGES EARNS CONSERVATION ENDORSEMENT (Columbia, SC) – Conservation Voters of South Carolina endorses Rep. Ken Hodges for election to the Senate from District 45. “Representative Hodges approaches protecting South Carolina’s […]

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max c

My name is Max Ciarlone and I am an intern for the Conservation Voters. I have lived in Columbia most of my life and just finished my first year at USC. I’ve never worked in politics before and never thought I’d work with a political organization. However, I am grateful for what this opportunity has taught me about being a conservation voter. I’m majoring in Environmental Science. My goal is to help build a better […]

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My name is Charles Buist, and I am currently an intern for the Conservation Voters of South Carolina.  In addition to interning with CVSC, I am a J.D. candidate at the University of South Carolina School of Law.  I am also a candidate for a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy (M.E.L.P.) at Vermont Law School, which ultimately led me to Conservation Voters of South Carolina. Growing up along South Carolina’s Coast in Hilton Head […]

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I wasn’t always a Conservation Voter, but I am now. I see the value in the environment, and I know that we can make a difference together to protect the South Carolina we love.

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When I was little I was all about animals. I ran around catching lizards, tadpoles, and insects. I remember exploring a local creek with my dad and climbing on what we called “rhino rock” on the Saluda River. (It’s near the Riverbanks zoo entrance – see if you can find it!) As I grew older, I became concerned as I realized that our protecting environment was more often than not a political priority.

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Alan Hancock Alan Hancock

We are learning more about the attempt to change our laws to allow more out-of-state nuclear waste in South Carolina.  The State looked into the Utah Company, Energy Solutions, that is putting up ads on local TV.  Energy Solutions is trying to reopen the dump to the nation so that it can compete nationally with its chief rival, Waste Control Specialists. That company now runs the nation’s only low-level nuclear waste landfill that can take […]

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Ann Timberlake Ann Timberlake

With renewed efforts to reopen the Barnwell nuclear waste site, we are getting some questions about the site and how we got to where are now. I’ll try to boil it down to a few key points. The Barnwell Site is a landfill for radioactive waste. The State of South Carolina owns the site, and leases it to Chem-Nuclear to operate. The General Assembly passed the Atlantic Compact Law in 2000 to close Barnwell to waste […]

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