Alan Hancock Alan Hancock

We are learning more about the attempt to change our laws to allow more out-of-state nuclear waste in South Carolina.  The State looked into the Utah Company, Energy Solutions, that is putting up ads on local TV.  Energy Solutions is trying to reopen the dump to the nation so that it can compete nationally with […]

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Ann Timberlake Ann Timberlake

With renewed efforts to reopen the Barnwell nuclear waste site, we are getting some questions about the site and how we got to where are now. I’ll try to boil it down to a few key points. The Barnwell Site is a landfill for radioactive waste. The State of South Carolina owns the site, and leases […]

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Rebecca Haynes Rebecca Haynes

Please support H.3564 to amend the Surface Water Withdrawal and Permitting Act to assure that all users be treated fairly under the law if withdrawing more than 3 million gallons/month from our rivers. We will grandfather existing users under the law to protect our family farms and current permitted users.  We must have a secure, […]

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Alan Hancock Alan Hancock

Governor Haley outlined her thoughts on DHEC this week, as reported by The State: “Gov. Nikki Haley says there are “a lot of things” she would like to see done at the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control if her choice to run the agency is confirmed by the state Senate”. Governor Haley added […]

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Alan Hancock Alan Hancock

Over the weekend, The State focused on a question that came up at a House hearing last week: How do we know if our rivers are clean? The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) monitors the pollution levels in South Carolina’s rivers and streams. Scientists from DHEC test the rivers that provide our drinking […]

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So, in our office there is always a lot of talk about water. Lately, it’s been about the rivers running dry, toxic dumps polluting and the threat of offshore drilling. We talk a lot about water. But I am not a scientist. Sometimes instead of aquifers and safe yields water talk means something else. Like […]

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Ann Timberlake Ann Timberlake

The DHEC Board hired its Director-nominee for a newly-created position while the nominee awaits Senate review. By creating a new position for the nominee with a salary potentially greater than the Director’s salary, the DHEC Board violates the spirit of the law requiring Senate advice and consent.   We have a petition to ASK SENATORS TO […]

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Ann Timberlake Ann Timberlake

Today, Catherine Templeton announced her resignation as Director of the South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control. We thank Director Templeton for her service to the state and we are confident that she will take the perspective she gained from within DHEC to advocate for protecting our health and our environment. DHEC has a large […]

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Ann Timberlake Ann Timberlake

We were busy protecting the South Carolina you love in 2014: Here are 10 WAYS WE CAN PROVE IT. 10) The Solar Bill passed unanimously: The future of energy is now coming to South Carolina. The Greenville News wrote recently about what this means to South Carolina. 9) Almost $10 million was allocated for the […]

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Ann Timberlake Ann Timberlake

Folks, you may remember reading about DHEC proposing a fine of $750,000 for an illegal seawall that the Wild Dunes Ocean Club Villas association built. One reason the fine was so high was that the homeowners association hid the seawall under piles of sandbags–a willful attempt to cover up what they knew to be an unlawful […]

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