CVSC works with the Conservation Coalition to make conservation issues a priority at the State House. Follow our weekly “Hot List” while we’re in legislative session to stay abreast of our legislative issues.

We have 9 legislative days left and we need your help to make it to the finish line. Please stay tuned for more action opportunities. Highlights from last week: Unfortunately, the Auto Stay bill (S.105) passed out of the House Judiciary Subcommittee after being amended to remove the compromises reached in the Senate. Essentially, they […]

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On Tuesday, legislators return to the State House from a week off. They’ll have 12 legislative days to work on priority bills before the end of the legislative year, meaning there will be a flurry of activity for the next 3-4 weeks. We’ll keep you informed of all the happenings and opportunities to take action. […]

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We made it to crossover (a bill had to “crossover” to the other chamber by April 10th to pass into law this year)! And when the legislature returns from their spring furlough on April 18th, we will only have 12 days of left at the State House for 2017. Highlights from last week:  The Senate […]

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This past week, we had a lot of conversations with legislators that will hopefully lead to action in the coming weeks. That being said, our priorities didn’t move much — which is good for the bad bills and bad for the good bills. Here’s what happened. Highlights from last week:  The Senate Finance Committee restored […]

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We only have six more weeks left in the legislative year (and the first year of the 2017-2018 legislative session)! We hope to see movement on some positive bills, but we need your help stopping some bad ones. Please visit our Legislative Action Center for opportunities to contact your legislators. Here’s the rundown on legislation: Reauthorizing the Conservation […]

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We can’t wait to see you at the Conservation Coalition Lobby Day and Oyster Roast tomorrow. Here’s the registration and schedule for the day. Please come to whatever part of the day is convenient for you. The training at Capital City Club is “sold out,” but you can still come if you’re okay standing at […]

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We saw a lot at the State House last week!  Tuesday afternoon, we finally got to the long-awaited debate and vote on the “Anti-Home Rule” bill, or known by some as the ban on plastic bag bans (H.3529). If passed, the bill would have limited the ability of citizens to work with their local government to […]

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This week will be a continuation of last week’s floor debates in the House. They will debate and likely vote on the Auto Stay and the Anti-Home Rule (or Banning Plastic Bag Bans) bills. A new bill will also be on the calendar this week — the Nuisance Bill — which gives immunity to industries […]

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Before the House debates the budget, they will finally work through the remaining contentious bills on their calendar. That means we’re finally getting down to the wire on important legislation. They will debate and likely vote on the Auto Stay and the Anti-Home Rule (or Banning Plastic Bag Bans) bills. We need to you turn […]

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The good news is we’re about 1/3 of the way through the legislative session! The bad news is that we still need your help fighting some bad bills. Thank you for helping us — whether you’re testifying or contacting your legislators. Please visit our Legislative Action Center for opportunities to contact your legislators. Saving the Automatic Stay: If […]

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We have another busy week at the State House. Thank you for helping us — whether you’re testifying or contacting your legislators. Visit our Legislative Action Center for opportunities to contact your legislators. Anti-Home Rule (or Banning Plastic Bag Bans): If passed, H.3529 will prevent our cities and towns from find local solutions for local problems — taking away what is […]

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A number of anti-conservation bills are expected to have floor votes in the week ahead while many of our pro-conservation bills are awaiting subcommittee and committee hearings. Your help is needed now more than ever to stop the bad bills and put pressure to advance bills that protect the air, land, and water we love.  […]

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We have yet another week of action in committees. Your help is needed now more than ever. We have an action center set up to make it easy to contact your legislator. Please take action at our new Legislative Action Center. This Wednesday (Feb 1), the SC Conservation Coalition will present our legislative priorities at the Senate “Conversations with […]

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We have a lot happening at the State House this week. Please take action at our new Legislative Action Center. Solar Market Growth: Landmark clean energy legislation passed in 2014 (Act 236) and has made South Carolina one of the fastest growing solar markets in the nation. In order to maintain expansion of renewables in South […]

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We’re off to a productive start at the State House this week. First up, we have subcommittee hearings in the Senate on Solar Property Tax and the Conservation Bank. Next, we’ll have a hearing in the House Ag committee on dam safety reform. Solar Market Growth Landmark clean energy legislation passed in 2014 (Act 236) […]

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We’re looking forward to another productive year at the State House. January 10th is the first day of session. Legislators voted to end session a month earlier from now on, so we have until May 11, 2017 to support conservation-friendly legislation and stop bad legislation. I’ll be reaching out through this blog, email, and social […]

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Wow. What a year it’s been! The short story is that in 2016 conservation WON at the State House. We PASSED hard fought legislation to protect South Carolina from coal ash and irresponsible shoreline development. We BLOCKED bad bills that would put South Carolinians at risk and take away our rights to hold polluters accountable. […]

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Your Representative will vote next week on the Polluter Amnesty Bill (S.229). This bill will prevent you from protecting yourself and your family from illegal and toxic pollution. Take a stand now and ask your Representative to oppose polluter amnesty. The House of Representatives wants to take away your right to protect yourself and your […]

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We are grateful for the work of the Senate Finance Committee to fully fund the Conservation Bank this year. Additionally, they are authorizing some Conservation Bank funds to leverage DNR’s ability to access important federal land conservation programs. We are hopeful that this compromise will ultimately prevail through the legislative budget process. Please join us by thanking […]

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Thank you for taking action and joining us in subcomittee meetings last week. It was a week to remember. We hope that the Plastic Bag Ban and the House Auto stay bill are “dead” for the legislative session, but we will remain vigilant. While we didn’t get to testify on all of our bills, it’s […]

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After a much needed Easter break, House members return to Columbia this week. As May 1st looms (crossover date), members will be pushing for their bills to pass either the House or the Senate by then if they hope for passage this year. For us, this means the next few weeks will be a whirlwind of […]

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This week, the House takes up the budget. We hope that they will fully fund budget requests from the Conservation Bank and state agencies, like DHEC’s request for support of its dam safety program, water quality programs, and Pinewood. CVSC also shared the following message with legislators this week: In the last several years, we […]

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When I speak with South Carolinians about what happens at the State House, citizens are shocked that each year we must fight the rollback of important environmental protections that protect public health and give us the opportunity to hold polluters accountable. This week I am both disappointed and heartened by actions in the House of […]

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The Senate remains in an intense debate about fixing our roads this week as the House Ways and Means Committee reviews the budget. We look forward to seeing good budget decisions for the Conservation Bank and state agency funding. We’ll let you know if and when action is needed. Coal Ash Disposal: The Senate unanimously passed out […]

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In some respects, we have a “slow” week. The House is taking furlough this week while Senators debate the roads bill. In other news… Coal Ash Disposal: After swift action in the House, Senators in the Judiciary Committee will review the coal ash disposal bills tomorrow. Why is this a big deal? Coal ash is a dangerous waste product of coal-fired power […]

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Whew! Things are busy at the State House! Here’s the rundown: Shoreline Management: The Senate should finally have a chance this week to restore the permanent baseline language to S.139 from DHEC’s Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC) on Shoreline Management’s recommendations. We’ve been talking about setting a permanent baseline to limit seaward development on our shoreline for several years — and it’s finally time […]

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We had a fun week last week adding co-sponsors to Rep. Bingham’s Conservation Bank bill. We have over half of the House signed on! Please thank your Representative for adding their name to it, or encourage them to do so this week before it’s filed. The bill mirrors Senator Campsen’s bill in the Senate (S.519). […]

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Thank you to everyone who joined us last week at the State House for the Senate Briefing: Conversations with Conservationists. The presentations from our friends and allies this year were great. If you missed it and would like to view the video: check out the archives here (look for Conversations with Conservationists on Jan. 20, 2016). […]

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Whew. The State House will be bustling this second week of session with events and legislative action in both the House and the Senate. The Conservation Bank: This week, Rep. Bingham will introduce a Conservation Bank bill, mirroring Senator Campsen’s bill in the Senate (S.519). This bill will eliminate the sunset, improve the death clause, and increase […]

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Welcome back to the State House! The 2016 legislative year marks the second year in a two year session. That means a lot of the issues we worked on last year will still be on the table. 2015 was a more tumultuous year for our state than any of us expected with the Emmanuel Nine tragedy in June […]

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The 2015 legislative year can be described as full of talk and little action. We joined our partners in the Conservation Coalition in successfully securing increased funding for the Conservation Bank and fought rollbacks that would have weakened coastal protections, removed the automatic stay and struck the PCA savings clause. Very few bills passed this year, including […]

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Thank you for your support and participation at conservation lobby day and the oyster roast. We loved advocating with you at the State House! Please save the date for next year: April 5, 2016. Accountability  Senate rules promote compromise and contemplative action, meaning bills are usually fully supported by the time they reach the Senate floor […]

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As legislators approach a short Easter break, it’s a trying time at the State House. As aptly summarized in The State, an onslaught of bills at the State House threatens to eliminate basic environmental protections. Our rights to question government action, like the automatic stay, are under attack. Thank you for your continued interest and action in […]

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It’s an exciting time at the State House. Thank you for your continued interest and action in protecting the South Carolina you love. Saving the Stay Thank you for sending messages to your Senator in opposition to S.165, which would eliminate the Automatic Stay. In state permitting decisions, if there are environmental concerns leading to a legal appeal […]

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It’s an exciting time at the State House. Thank you for your continued interest and action in protecting the South Carolina you love. Conservation Bank  After a long week of budget deliberations, the House approved the Ways & Means cap on Conservation Bank authorization at the same cap as last year of $9.8M in the coming fiscal […]

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It’s an exciting time at the State House. Thank you for your continued interest and action in protecting the South Carolina you love. Thank you for all of your action this last week speaking with and emailing your Senators. Unfortunately, both S.228 (DHEC Board Review) and S.229 (Polluter Amnesty) passed out of the Medical Affairs […]

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We had a short, yet busy, week at the State House because of the winter weather. This week, Eleanor Kitzman withdrew from consideration for DHEC director. Thank you again for adding your voice to the more than 1,000 people who called for the Senate to ask the DHEC Board to conduct a public, open search for the next […]

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Thanks for another great week at the State House. We had lots of activity involving DHEC — whether covering a Senate request for a hearing on Pinewood or the Senate hearing to confirm the nominee to take the helm. We still need help from you with action on important issues that will be coming up […]

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As the legislative session moves forward, we are beginning to tackle tough issues. Committee meetings are in full swing with lots of activity on the issues we care about. Here’s an update on our “hotlist”: The Senate Medical Affairs subcommittee passed S.228 (DHEC Board Review) and S.229 (Polluter Amnesty) to the full Medical Affairs Committee. We […]

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After another busy week at the State House, we are bracing ourselves for key decisions next week on how our rights as citizens to protect the South Carolina we love. But first, let’s give a shout out to the unanimous passage by the House of a bill to reduce litter in our State. H.3035, sponsored by Reps. […]

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Whew. We’re done with Week 3 at the State House and boy did we make the most of it. Here are some of the highlights:1. It’s all about the money. Legislators are hearing budget requests from agencies and deciding how to best allocate state dollars. DHEC presented their budget request to the House Ways and […]

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On Wednesday, over 80 advocates filled the room for Conversations with Conservationists. The South Carolina Conservation Coalition gathered to brief Senators on its conservation priorities for this legislative session. Hosted by Senators Courson and McElveen, Senator McElveen set the tone by expressing the important message that “business and conservation are not mutually exclusive.” Bob Guild, Sierra […]

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After a mostly ceremonial first week at the State House, we are entering the second week with a lot of action on conservation issues. This second week is one of organization. Committees in the House and Senate will be meeting to discuss bills and vote on bills to pass out of committee and move onto […]

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Thank you again for supporting our advocacy efforts this past year. With the help of our conservation partners in the lobby, we have a lot to be proud of this year. In the hotlist wrap-up, you’ll find CVSC’s summary of the 2014 legislative year as it relates to many of our Conservation Common Agenda priorities.

We were able to stop anti-environmental initiatives like the “flow control” bill and prevent further weakening of the Pollution Control Act. We passed a major piece of solar energy legislation. We were disappointed that funding for the Conservation Bank was held at the same level as last year. We look forward to a fresh start in 2014 when we hope to improve protections for our rivers.

Most importantly, we want to pause to thank you for helping us make our collective voices heard to protect the South Carolina you love.

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